Craig Dworkin, Twelve Erroneous Displacements and a Fact, front cover

Twelve Erroneous Displacements and a Fact

Craig Dworkin

Price £9.99 (ex.VAT) +pp
ISBN  978-1-907468-24-7
Year 2016
Edition 400
Pages 40
Binding softback
Illustration text only
Dimensions 188 x 229 mm

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Craig Dworkin presents his entire corpus of thirteen FACT poems (2005-16) for the very first time in his latest book, Twelve Erroneous Displacements and a Fact (2016). The publication was commissioned for the ‘Reading as Art’ exhibition at Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre (27 August – 19 November 2016).

Dworkin’s FACT series is an exact list of the ingredients that make up the constituent components of the materials used to inscribe the text of the poem and the object on which its is published, hence the blunt title of the work. It’s a self-reflexive, deconstructed meditation on the act of writing and of publishing, with an emphasis on the materiality of language. Each time Dworkin displays the poem he researches the medium on which it’s being viewed and changes the contents accordingly. It’s a flexible work-in-progress, which has listed the make-up of everything from a xeroxed sheet of paper to compact disc to smartphone touchscreen to dyed wool Himalayan rug. The idea is written on and through the material form.

Twelve Erroneous Displacements and a Fact

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