Bibliomancy – inside face

Bibliomancy: Lotsa Fun For All The Family

Michael Hampton

Price £1 +pp
Format Two-sided one-colour lithographic print on 250gsm silk paper; folded twice.
Year [2009+] editioned in 2011
Edition 300
Dimensions 841 x 420 mm; 297 x 210 mm folded

This elegant print brings together a constellation of ideas and anecdotes about the factive and fictional practice of bibliomancy, i.e., the use of books in rituals of divination, compiled by the counter-cultural literary historian Michael Hampton. When folded, the print stakes a claim to being both a title page and a slim caveat for Michael’s forthcoming book with iam, How to Make the Most of Your Library. When unfolded the outer face of the print shows a modified etching of the Necromancer of Toulouse, and the inside face is typeset to let Michael’s constellation of paragraphs create pockets of visual intensity and disagreement in echo of his subject. A fun, fast-paced, and revealing poster.

Bibliomancy: Lotsa Fun For All The Family

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