Have a Peck at Georges Perec

Simon Morris & Nick Thurston

Price £1.50
Year 2011
Edition 400
Materials one-colour print on linen bag

Information as material were commissioned to design the tote bag for this year’s London Art Book Fair, and came up with a homage to Georges Perec’s ‘Socio-Physiological Outline’ for reading, thanks to the hungry pigeons of York.

The bag will be available at the Whitechapel Gallery from September 23 for as long as stocks last.

We read with the eyes. What the eyes do while we are reading is … like a pigeon pecking at the ground in search of breadcrumbs.”

– Georges Perec, ‘Reading: A Socio-Physiological Outline’, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (London: Penguin Books, 1999)174-185: 175-176.

Have a Peck at Perec, tote bag

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