Nick Thurston_Magritte for Cheerleaders_2015

Nick Thurston

Price £10 +pp
Format Two-colour risographic print on 120gsm recycled paper.
Year 2015
Edition Unlimited; initial run 70 + 5 APs
Dimensions 297 x 420 mm

This simple poetry broadside mimics the rhetorical form of a popular call-and-repsonse, in which cheerleaders ask their respondents to spell out the name of the object-subject performing for the crowd. The ‘content’ of Thurston’s new cheer exaggeratedly refers to René Magritte’s famous painting, La trahison des images [The Treachery of Images] (1929) and the broader suspicion of realist referentiality that painting has become a classic symbol of.

The print is on a fully recycled off-white (light grey) Corona paper. It is are shipped flat in a card-backed A3 envelope with spec label.


Magritte for Cheerleaders

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