Historico-naturalis et Archaeologica ex Dale Street(The Natural History & Antiquities of Dale Street in the County of Lancashire)

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

Co-published by Unipress, Cumbria; designed by Anna Danby.

Price £5.00+pp
ISBN 9781869979287
Year 2009
Edition 200
Pages 24
Binding softback
Illustration 23 colour illustrations
Dimensions 147 x 136 mm

Inspired by Gilbert White’s famous book The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne of 1789, Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams set out to explore, collect and present material from Dale Street in Lancaster throughout the year 2007-08. Documented and developed through photographs and text that reference collections drawn from the environment, the project is doubly presented through this book and a cabinet of curiosities. Both the book and cabinet were informed by the dialogues between father and son, and between the residents of Dale Street.

In selecting a street in Lancaster, itself a mirror of social diversity in contemporary Britain, the project offers the opportunity for a community to reflect on its relationship with the plants, animals and insects in the locality, as well as its own history and demography.

Historico-naturalis et Archaeologica ex Dale Street

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