Freud on Holiday volume III. The Forgetting of a Proper Name

Sharon Kivland

Co-published with Cube Art Editions, Athens.

Greek translation by Eleanna Panagou

Designed by Christos Lialios

Price £12.50+pp
ISBN 978-1-907468-06-3
Year 2011
Edition 400
Pages 56pp
Binding Perfect bound; softback; one colour cover; two b/w illustrations, 16 colour illustrations
Dimensions 230 x 145 mm

The third volume in the series Freud on Holiday describes a number of holiday choices; the problem of deciding where to go and when; plus the matters of cost, convenience, appropriate companionship and correct context. There are descriptions of train itineraries, hotel rooms and restaurant menus, even though the name of one restaurant resists recall for most of the book. There is a surprising connection with hysteria and another name is forgotten en route, accompanied by an embarrassing error in chronologyAt last, forgotten names are remembered, although an image that has been talked away is not seen again.

The Forgetting of a Proper Name

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