Marie-Josée Jean & Klaus Scherübel, artists-in-residence at Shandy Hall

Shandy Hall, Coxwold, October, 2009

information as material and the Laurence Sterne Trust were proud to welcome the artist Klaus Scherübel and curator Marie-Josée Jean as artists-in-residence at Shandy Hall in 2009. The Montreal-based pair stayed on site at the Hall, which is the former residence of the famed 18th century English writer Laurence Sterne and now functions as a museum dedicated to exploring the legacy of his work in the arts generally and in the context of the artefacts of his estate.

Postings on other residencies at Shandy Hall co-organised by iam can be found in the archive of this blog.

Marie-Josée Jean & Klaus Scherübel Residency

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