About us:

Information as material (iam) was formally established by the English artist Simon Morris in 2002 but has its roots in his self-published books of the late 1990s. Based in the North of England, iam operates as a collective of writer-editors and as an independent imprint that publishes work by artists who use extant material — selecting it and reframing it to generate new meanings — and who, in doing so, disrupt the existing order of things.

The imprint’s activities involve writing, publishing, exhibiting, curating, web-based projects, lectures and workshops. Iam’s editorial team is Craig Dworkin, Kaja Marczewska, Simon Morris and Nick Thurston (2006-18); information on each of whom can be linked to via the BIOS page of this website, and contact details for whom can be found in the collapsable CONTACT tab at the top of this website. Likewise, further information about all of the authors / artists we work with can be linked to via the BIOS page.

Our publications  and editions are held in private and public collections around the world including Tate (UK), National Library of France (FR), and MoMA (USA). Our bookworks and DVDs are directly distributed internationally by Cornerhouse Publications (UK) and numerous bookstores. Synoptic posts on all of our publications and editions can be found as portfolio entries via the PROJECTS section on this website. For information on specific publications, editions not listed on the purchase page, or our critical and curatorial work please contact simon [at] informationasmaterial [dot] org.

*We would like to compile a list of stockists. If you stock iam publications, or know of somewhere that does, please send the venue name and contact details to simon [at] informationasmaterial [dot] org.

About this website:

(The Portfolio is the front page of this website and can also be reached via the PROJECTS button in the top left of every page.)

This WordPress-powered site was begun in mid-2010 to replace the old iam Flash website, which is now archived by The British Library. Since mid-2012 this site has been managed by the editorial team as an archive and information portal to represent the activities of the collective / imprint. It hosts an archive of posts which retrospectively refer to things before mid-2010 but unfortunately that archive is not, and cannot be, complete.

Details of each iam publication, edition, and curated event are archived on this website as individual portfolio entries. For information about talks, group exhibitions etc., or upcoming events please contact simon [at] informationasmaterial [dot] org.


Below is a bibliography of select literature about information as material, ranging from reviews to position statements. Where possible, original documents will be embedded or external sites will be linked to.

If you have written something about information as material, or know someone who has, please let us know by contacting nick [at] informationasmaterial [dot] org, ideally with a reference following these bibliological conventions:

[Author’s first name] [Author’s surname] [‘&’ any co-authors, listed alphabetically, each first name-surname], “[Article title]”, in [Publication name] [Publication volume ‘:’ edition], ([Place of publication]: [Publisher]) [Year of publication]: [Page reference or permanent URL].

Thanks in advance for your help.


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