Robert Williams & Hilmar Schäfer

Price £4+pp
ISBN 978-1-907468-19-3
Year 2013
Edition 300
Pages double-sided broadsheet; 16 panels
Dimensions 125 x 355mm folded; 500 x 710mm unfolded.

This stunning broadside print proffers exactly what the title promises. On one side of folded panels the authors, English artist Professor Robert Williams and German sociologist Dr Hilmar Schäfer, describe the terms for a workshop they ran with young American artists at the Mildred’s Lane experimental summer school, Pennsylvania in 2013. That workshop explored the tropes, imagery and narrative structures that shape popular accounts of ghosts in a diverse range of media, with a special focus on British history. Their short essay is punctuated with an archive of extraordinary silverprint photographs that reveal ghosts in shot, be they real or not. The other side of the print unfolds into a large spider-diagram that charts the findings generated by the workshop as an extensive taxonomy.

Dis Manibus: A Taxonomy of Ghosts from Popular Forms

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