Bernstein and Thurston_Eulogy for David Antin in English English_2016

Charles Bernstein & Nick Thurston

Price £10 +pp
Format Two-colour risographic print on 250gsm recycled paper.
Year 2016
Edition Unlimited; initial run 65 + 10 APs
Dimensions 297 x 420 mm

In a contribution to the spring 1975 issue of Boundary 2, David Antin recounts an ingenious and deadpan deduction of how he reconciled his ambivalence about being considered a poet, using the lowercase type and breath-like spacing that came to characterise published transcripts of his talk poems. On October 11 this year Antin died, just days after Charles Bernstein had joked to a British audience that one way of understanding the tensions between mainstream and alternative poetry communities would be to ‘translate’ Antin’s now famous lines for any local context.

Against pompous claims about ‘proper’ English canons and language use that exclude unconventional voices, in sincere homage to Antin, we prepared this translation.

Eulogy for David Antin in English English

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