Reading Matters_exhibition poster_Printed Matter_Oct 2016

Curated by Information as Material & Printed Matter

Printed Matter, Inc. (New York), October – November 2016.


Solo show of selected projects, old and new, made by or published by Information as Material alongside relevant works from the Printed Matter, Inc inventory.

Free digital copies of the exhibition’s accompanying poster can be downloaded here.

Through four strands, this project brings IAM and Printed Matter, Inc. together with various collaborators to explore how writers from across the visual and literary arts have speculatively tested the possibility that reading – at its limits – can become a mode or form of artwork.

The exhibition includes the hardware and user instructions for Plural Imperative Reader: A LibraryBox Magazine, compiled especially for this exhibition by guest editors Chris Mustazza, Michael Nardone, and Danny Snelson into 12 themed issues, all of which are free-to-download via a dedicated wifi network in store.

On Saturday 29 October the exhibition will serve as a stage for a cycle of invited readings by acclaimed poets whose writings demonstrate an exceptional degree of attention to the politics of language and consumption: Felipe Cussen, Robert Fitterman, Judith Goldman, Diana Hamilton, and Holly Melgard.

Reading Matters

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