Interpretation Vol. II

Simon Morris

Contributors: Tim Brennan, Cindy Smith

Price £15 oop
ISBN 0953676536
Year 2002
Edition 200
Pages 132
Binding softback
Illustration text only
Dimensions 225 x 160 mm

For this, the second volume in a two book series, Simon Morris invited two artists who curate and write regularly, Tim Brennan and Cindy Smith, to each write an essay on a topic of their own choosing with fully referenced footnotes. Morris, the artist, then collected their respective essays and erased their titles and main body text, leaving only the floating footnote markers in place in the main body area and the footnotes themselves (in full) in place at the bottom of each page. He then sent Brennan’s erased essay, as an unaltered constellation of footnotes, to Smith, and vice versa. In what has been wittily described by Sharon Kivland as “an academic blind date”, Morris asked the two artists to try and write a reconstruction of one another’s essay, with only their own interpretation of the other’s footnotes as a guide. Interpretation Vol. II is the result.

This book features the original essays (constructions), the footnote constellations (erasures), and the interpretative essays (reconstructions), distinguished as three stages in their being printed on three different shades of paper and including an A2 poster by Smith. It also features notes by Morris contextualising the process of the collaboration and profiles of each contributor. Working mischievously in the margins – and extending the spirit of Robert Rauschenberg,  herman de vries, and Michael Camille – Morris invites a process of re-interpretative collaboration that brings a marginalised point of reference (the footnote) to inversely bear directly on the centre of the text and makes it central to the reconstruction of new texts.

This book was designed by Peter McGrath of Groundwork Design (UK) and was funded by the generous support of The Henry Moore Foundation. It was launched in 2002 at Printed Matter, Inc., New York, with an accompanying exhibition. Summative information on the second volume in this series can be found here.

Interpretation vol. II

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