Visions – part 1 – information as material

Johan Deumens Gallery (Haarlem), April 11 – May 16 2008.

iam proudly accepted the invitation of Belgian gallerist and book dealer Johan Deumens to be the subject of the inaugural exhibition at his new gallery in Haarlem, in Spring 2008. The show was curated to present iam’s output in the context of other, object-based works that were also elements of the broader projects undertaken by each of our artist / authors – projects that iam is otherwise only able to represent via our publications and editions. Noises, writing machines, prints and source texts were all brought together to present the dynamic modes of appropriation that our artists engage in, and to suggest some of the lines of coherence to iam’s editorial trajectory.

Details of the ongoing series of survey shows organised by the gallery, entitled ‘Visions’, can be found via their website:

Johan Deumens Gallery

Donkere Spaarne, 32zw NL-2011, JH Haarlem

Phone: +31 (0) 622 451545

Thank you to all the artists, galleries and collectors who kindly lent us work for the show.

Iam Survey Exhibition

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