Freud on Holiday. Appendix I. Freud’s Weather

Sharon Kivland

Designed by James Brook

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Year 2011
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Almost every year Sigmund Freud went on holiday, often accompanied by his brother Alexander, an expert on railway transport, timetables, and travel tariffs. He made a distinction between the holidays he spent with his family during the month of August and those voyages he took later, most often in September, with complicated itineraries. Freud prepared carefully for his trips, consulting tourist guides and other travel literature concerning the places he intended to visit attentively, especially those of the sites of classical antiquity, and of course, the famous Baedeker. The fifty-six letters and hundred and eighty-nine postcards of his travel correspondence with his family between 1895 and 1923 reveal his enjoyment of these holidays, his pleasure in his liberty, in getting a bargain, in the blue skies and the southern warmth, in the beauty of the landscape, in wine and food. From this correspondence descriptions of the weather have been collected.

Freud’s Weather

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