bibliomania 2000-2001

Simon Morris

Price £150+pp oop
ISBN 095367651-X
Year 2002
Edition 100
Pages 620
Binding softback; perfectbound
Illustration Colour and B & W images throughout.
Dimensions 295 x 210 mm

This is the second and largest codex form publication in the eponymous project, which was developed by Simon Morris from 1998-2002 through collaborations with a huge number of fellow architects, artists, curators, psychoanalysts, theorists and other bibliophiles. The broader project also included an earlier publication based on a smaller number of solicited book lists, similarly entitled bibliomania 1998-1999 (with Helen Sacoor, 1999), plus exhibitions (in Leeds, London, and New York) and an online database.

As artist / curator of the project, Morris invited the fifteen participants in the earlier bibliomania 1998-1999 edition to nominate further contributors.  One hundred and fifty people took part in this expanded version of the project. Contributors were invited to send him a list of the books that reflected their own individual interests and practice. Their choices could range from the reverential to the ridiculous.  bibliomania 2000-2001 contains all of the book lists returned in response, typeset as a 620-page directory that was ‘undesigned’ by Czech artist Pavel Büchler. Contributors to the project include:

Henri Chopin, Claude Closky, Joachim Gerz, Kenneth Goldsmith, Susan Hiller, Langlands & Bell, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Clive Philpott, Jane Rendell, Klaus Scherübel, Haim Steinbach, and Andrew Wilson.

bibliomania 2000-2001

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